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MaryAnne Zingaro


According to of the P5010X222 & I5010X223 guides, numerically equivalent subloops do not need to be sent in alpha-order.

Should Numerically equivalent subloops like the one below pass syntax check in a translator or must they be in order?

2300 CLM CLM*479-1-9*40***11:B:1*Y*A*Y*Y
2300 DTP DTP*454*D8*20110323
2300 DTP DTP*431*D8*20110530
2300 REF REF*D9*123456789
2300 CR2 CR2********A
2300 HI HI*BK:7231
2310C NM1 NM1*77*2*Smith CHIROPRACTIC INC*****XX*1649257239
2310C N3 N3*4817 NE 2ND LOOP
2310C N4 N4*OCALA*FL*344701524
2310B NM1 NM1*82*1*ZANETTI DEBOLT*DINA****XX*1649257239
2310B PRV PRV*PE*PXC*111N00000X
2400 LX LX*1

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837 'un-sequenced' subloops


Numerically equivalent loops can be sent in any order. In the scenario presented it is valid to have a 2310C loop appear in the data before a 2310B loop.

This issue is explicitly addressed in X12.59 (IMPLEMENTATION OF EDI STRUCTURES-SEMANTIC IMPACT), section 6.2, example number 2 (Loop Independence).
Submission 1/4/2012
Status Date 2/17/2012
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X222