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Meredith Haddock


Can I get clarification what data is allowed to be reported in 837I 2400-SV202-7 for 5010A2? Can it be the standard industry AMA CPT-4 or HCPCS procedure description? Or Can it be a manual free text description provided by the submitter as to what service was actually performed for that claim? This is for Non Specific procedures codes as per MLN SE1138 and for any code deemed necessary by the submitter to have a procedure description submitted along with the procedure code. Thank you

Submitter Assigned Keywords

EDI 837I 5010A2 SV202-7 Procedure Description CPT4


The 837I 2400 SV202-7 is a free text description of the procedure.

The use of the SV202-7 description is required when the Procedure Code does not give an adequate description of the services. Repeating the narrative description of the procedure code does not give any additional information, therefore it does not satisfy the requirement for the SV202-7 description.
Submission 1/12/2012
Status Date 2/27/2012
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X223
Set ID837I
Segment IDSV2
Element Position02
Component Position07
Industry NameProcedure Description