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Todd Cochrane


Provide an interpretation for hash totals (DE 347). There has been some confusion over what to place in CTT02 in several transaction sets, particularly the 810. The transaction set note for CTT02 implies that it is the sum of the value of quantities invoiced (including negative and partial quantities). This implied meaning is in conflict with the data element definition which reads: Sum of values of the specified data element. All values in the data element will be summed without regard to decimal points (explicit or implicit) or signs. Truncation will occur on the left most digits if the sum is greater than the maximum size of the hash total of the data element.


X12J Technical Assessment Subcommittee affirms the DE definition provided for DE 347 (Hash Total) and proposes a modification to the example. X12J is referring this request for interpretation to all subcommittees using the CTT segment in their transaction sets for the purpose of clarifying their usage of CTT in their transaction sets. X12J does not recommend the use of the CTT as reflected in Design Rule 2.2.9. X12J requests the subcommittee(s) provide the required transaction set notes for CCT01 and CTT02. Two samples of wording for the CTT segment in Transaction Set 810 have been provided as follows: 1. If used, CTT02 is the hash total of the values found in Quantity Invoiced (IT102) for each IT1 segment. See Data Element 347 for proper hashing technique. 2. If used, CTT02 is the hash total of Quantity Invoiced (IT102) found in each IT1 segment. See Data Element 347 for proper hashing technique. Subcommittees are encouraged to consider removing the CTT segment from the transaction set entirely.


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Submission 1/1/1998
Status Date 1/1/1998
Status F - Final
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