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Angela Hendrix


HI Other Diagnosis Information "Required when other condition(s) co-exists with the principal diagnosis, co-exists at the time of admission or develops
subsequently during the patient’s treatment." Does this necessarily mean the segment is required if any of the other HI segment's HI02 (or first HI segment HI03) is valued (ie fields that are marked "used when necessary to report multiple additional co-existing conditions")? Or is this requirement independent of the data in other HI segments?

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conditions co-exist principal diagnosis


HI Other Diagnosis segment is required when additional diagnosis needs to be reported and is not the principal diagnosis, or admitting or an injury requiring an E diagnosis code to be reported. HI Other Diagnosis segment could also be required if a diagnosis develops during patient's treatment.
Submission 11/22/2004
Status Date 1/6/2005
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 004010X096A1
Set ID837I
Segment Position231
Segment IDHI