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Diane Dalton


There is a difference of interpretation in regards to the Loops with N403 Zip Code format requirements. When zip specifically states complete 9 characters there appears to be no issue, however Loops such as 2330B and 2010CA that do not have this statement or example are being received with 5 digits, space, then another digit. Clarification needed in regards to zip code formats.
Zip Codes with 5 digits, are trailing spaces permitted following the 5 digit zip code for US? TR3 states excluding punctuations or spaces for each N403, does this statement apply to a US zip code of 5 digits and no trailing blanks or are trailing blanks permitted.


This is explicitly addressed in the Technical Reports Type 3. For example, in the 837 professional TR3, the note with Billing Provider Postal Zone or Zip Code requires the full nine digit zip code, while the TR3 is silent on number of digits for the Other Payer Postal Zone or Zip Code. The X12 syntax notes in both cases require that punctuation and spaces be excluded. In appendix B section B. of each TR3, it states that “Trailing spaces must be suppressed unless they are necessary to satisfy a minimum length.”

Therefore, the following examples comply with the TR3:

2010AA/N4*Kansas City*MO*641081234~

2330B/N4*Kansas City*MO*64108~

2330B/N4*Kansas City*MO*641081234~

The following examples do not comply with the TR3:

2010AA/N4*Kansas City*MO*64108~

2330B/N4*Kansas City*MO*64108 ~

2330B/N4*Kansas City*MO*64108 1234~

2330B/N4*Kansas City*MO*64108-1234~
Submission 2/28/2012
Status Date 4/12/2012
Status F - Final
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