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Angela Hendrix


The 004010X097A1 DTP - DATE ADMISSION is required on inpatient visit claims. For data validation purposes, is inpatient necessarily indicated by CLM05-1 and/or SV303 sending code 21? If the CLM05-1 = 21, but is overwritten in the subordinate SV3, is it no longer considered an inpatient claim?

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This is explicitly addressed in guide X097. The SV303 element is used when a specific service location is different than identified in CLM05-1. Mixed claims are allowed. The DTP "Date - Admission" segment is required when ANY part of the claim is inpatient, not when ALL of the claim is inpatient. So, the DTP segment is required if either CLM05-1 or SV303 specify inpatient facility.
Submission 11/30/2004
Status Date 11/30/2004
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 004010X097A1
Set ID837D
Segment Position135
Segment IDDTP