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tyler vodehnal


We are currently receiving claims in the 5010 format with span dates of service in loop 2300 DTP03, and without dates listed in loop 2400 DTP.
Loop 2400 DTP is a situational field with a rule that states that it is 'required on outpatient service lines where a drug is not being billed and the statement covers period is greater than one day.'

In a situation where the dates listed in loop 2300 DTP03 are greater than one day, does loop 2400 become a required field that dates must be entered on?

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2400 DTP Loop 2300 DTP03


For outpatient services, when the Statement Dates in the 2300 DTP cover a period greater than one day and a drug is not being billed, the Service Date 2400 DTP is required.
Submission 5/15/2012
Status Date 6/29/2012
Status F - Final
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Document 005010X223