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Todd Cochrane


X12K requests an official interpretation on the meaning and intent of Design rule 2.1.3. The MTX segment represents an existing segment within the X12 Standard. During X12J/TG4 review of these particular ballot responses however, there was concern that replacing one text-based segment with another, amounted to a violation of the spirit of the rule, if not the letter. It was the opinion of X12J/TG4 that the business case such as it was could have been as satisfactorily served by increasing the maximum use of the existing MSG to >1. This solution would have eliminated the need to introduce the MTX into the various transaction sets.


Design Rule 2.1.3 applies to all standards. If business needs can be met using existing structures, then the rule is explicit about not creating new or duplicate structures. This rule is, unfortunately, open to interpretation. This is why maintenance, which is disapproved under this rule, is always referred back to the responsible subcommittee to evaluate whether or not a new structure is needed.


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Submission 1/1/1998
Status Date 1/1/1998
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 4010