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Ruisi Jim


I am looking for clarity on 5010 271 X12. According to the 5010IG for the 2110/REF01,Use "1W", "49" ,"F6" and "NQ" only in a 2110C loop with EB01 = "R". Our validator interprets the EDI snippet below as invalid EDI because the REF01 is not "1W", "49" ,"F6" and "NQ". Is that the right interpretation?

271 Snippet:

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5010 2110C/REF01 ?


The use of REF01 = “1L” in a 271 2110 loop when EB01 = “R” is compliant with the requirements of 005010X279/005010X279A1.

The Note in the 271 2110C/REF01 states “Use "1W", "49" ,"F6" and "NQ" only in a 2110C loop with EB01 = "R"”. The Note in the 271 2110D/REF01 states “Use "1W", "49" ,"F6" and "NQ" only in a 2110D loop with EB01 = "R"”.

The notes in the 271 2110C/REF01 and 2110D/REF01 do not restrict other values from being used when EB01 = “R” (e.g. the 271 2110C/REF01 note does not say “Use only "1W", "49" ,"F6" and "NQ" in a 2110C loop with EB01 = "R"”).

The snippet provided is compliant with the 005010X279/005010X279A1 guide instructions and your validator has interpreted this requirement incorrectly.
Submission 6/15/2012
Status Date 8/10/2012
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X279