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Joyce Petrucci


On the majority of the NM104 elements is the following situational rule: Required when NM102 = 1 (person) and the person
has a first name. If not required by this implementation guide, do
not send.

Is it valid to have a NM102 = 1 and NO NM104 element when the person doesn't have a first name? Or, do you need to set the NM102 =2 (non-person) which doesn't seem right either?

We believe that the AND allows for the NM104 to be blank even when the NM102=1.

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Yes, it is valid to have NM102 = 1 and NO NM104 element when the person doesn't have a first name. The situational rule on the NM104 element specifies that it shouldn't be sent under these circumstances.

The presence or absence of a first name doesn't change whether a specific entity is a Person or a Non-Person Entity. NM102 must be populated based upon the entity being a person or a non-person entity. Using NM102 code "2" with a person because the person doesn't have a first name is not appropriate.

This situation is also addressed in section 1.12.1 of the guide.

"In those situations where an individual has only one legal name, report that name in the last name data element of the NM1 segment, specifically the NM103.The first and middle name data elements for that NM1 segment are then not used. This guideline is true for all loops containing an NM1 segment that may identify an individual.
Submission 6/20/2012
Status Date 9/18/2012
Status F - Final
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