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We are considering using credit card payments to make claim payments. If we do that, what code would be in the BRP04 (Payment Method Code) segment of the 835? As per RFI # 459, this the credit card payment is not supported by ASC X12 004010X091A1. I also looked into the ASC X12 005010X221 guidelines which also doesn't support credit card payments.

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Payment Method Code


As noted, the ASC X12 005010X221 835 guide does not support credit card payments to providers. In order to consider supporting credit cards as a payment mechanism in a future guide, a business case with additional information would need to be submitted to the workgroup through a DSMO request or change request. The form can be accessed at http://www.x12.org/TR3ChangeRequest/. In the meantime, EFTs are encouraged as they are supported by the guide and operating rules.
Submission 7/19/2012
Status Date 9/11/2012
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X221
Set ID835
Segment ID591
Element Position04
Industry NamePaymentMethodCode