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cathy crews


Recent MI Medicaid specs require Medicaid provID#, along w/Medicare provID# on claims to Medicare. They want Medicaid ID reported by repeat of 2010AAREF01 & REF02:
2010AAREF01:1D w/Medicaid id
2010AAREF02: Medicare id
This appears to be violation of X12. 2010AA is primary billing, not secondary carrier ID-correct? Claims are sent to Medigapped carriers & Medicare crossovers w/out this info-we feel MI Medicaid should also. Is this violation of design of this loop? I have MI Medicaid spec I can provide.

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MI Medicaid specs 2010AAREF01/02 for primary Medicare claims


While it seems inappropriate for one payer to give instructions for submitting a claim to a different payer, the IG does not have a place holder in the 2330 loops for an Other Payer specific Billing Provider ID. The IG does not prohibit sending more than 1 REF segment. Each REF Segments in the 2010AA can contain a different ID number but all refer to the same
billing provider."
Submission 12/9/2004
Status Date 1/21/2005
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 004010X098A1
Set ID91
Segment Position035
Segment IDREF
Element Position01
Component Position01
Industry NameBilling provider secondary id
External Code ListReference Identification
Code Value1C