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Michele Pace


I'm looking for an understanding of how the ISA01/ISA02 and ISA03/ISA04 elements relate to the trading partner. With one trading partner they send 999 rejections with the values:
ISA*03*9000755 *00*NONE *

But with accepted files we receive this:
ISA*00* *00* *

When I asked the Trading partner about this, their response was because the rejection went through multiple process and that's why. We send all of our 837 files with ISA*00* *00* *

I am having troubles processing the rejected 999 because of this value and I am unsure how to resolve this - do I need to program around this in my software or fight with the trading partner.

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With regards to your questions concerning the examples above. Both examples are syntactically correct.
Typical best practice is to use consistant values in the ISA01-ISA04 when exchanging information with your trading partners. These values should be defined between trading parters in your trading partner agreement. Once identified and agreed to, each trading partner should adhere to the parameters set forth in the agreement.

To resolve this issue, it is recommended you work with your trading partner.
Submission 8/3/2012
Status Date 10/10/2012
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X231
Set ID999
Segment IDISA
Element Position02
Code Value03