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Deb McCachern


We have a situation in which a compliance checker is rejecting an X217 request because 2010F PER02 and PER03/04 are all present. We believe it is compliant to return PER02 and PER03/04.

The situational rule for PER04 indicates:
“Required when PER02 is not valued or when the provider needs to transmit a contact communication number.” We interpret this statement to mean that PER03/04 must be sent when PER02 is absent, but can also be sent when PER02 is valued if the sender needs to convey a contact number.

Please verify. Thanks.

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X217 2010F PER03/04


Your interpretation is correct. All 3 elements can be valued when a contact number is needed. An updated situational rule clarifying this situation will be added in the next version of the guide.
Submission 8/23/2012
Status Date 10/10/2012
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X217
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