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Joyce Petrucci


The 999-X231.pdf on page 33, describes the CTX Business Unit: This contains the value from the business unit identifier specified in CTX01-1. This element is defined as type AN and min/max of 1/35.

For the 270/271, the TRN02 is the business unit for use in the CTX01.01, so the value of the TRN02 would be provided in the CTX01.02. However, the TRN02 in the 270/271 is a type AN and min/max of 1/50. This is causing the 999 to not be valid when the TRN02 contains a value greater than 35.

Question; Should the value be truncated?

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999 CTX TRN Type AN


Yes, the value must be truncated or the 999 will not be syntactically valid. In reviewing this RFI, X12C will file a work request to increase the data length of DE 9998 Context Reference.
Submission 9/18/2012
Status Date 10/10/2012
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X231
Section999 Impl
Set ID999