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Donald Graves


If I get a transaction set that has no SE segment, I would report that in my 999 with IK502 error code 2. But since this is a required segment that is missing, should I also report this in IK304 with error code 3?
Per RFI 48, "...The IK3 segment/loop is required for all errors." But if I report the error in both places, I'm guilty of redundancy. Please advise.

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999 missing segment IK3 IK5


Both referenced codes are appropriate for the error you describe. There is no "guilt" being redundant.

The standard is silent on the depth of reporting. Thus, there is no concept of redundancy of error reporting in the ASC X12 Standards.
Submission 10/18/2012
Status Date 2/14/2013
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X231
Set ID999
Segment Position0400
Segment IDIK3
Element Position04
Industry NameImplementation Segment Syntax Error Code
Code Value3