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Todd Cochrane


Clarify usage of the PLA, LX, and ENE Segments in Transaction Set 838, Trading Partner Profile.


Conformance to X12 syntax unequivocally requires that the beginning segment of a loop shall be used in each instance of the loop. In Transaction Set 838, the LX segment is required to be used in each loop instance in which either a PLA standalone segment, or ENE nested loop is present. The BNF in X12.6 Section Unbounded Loops unequivocally requires that the loop beginning segment shall precede any segments in the loop, for each instance of the loop. The accompanying text in states: In order to establish the start of a loop, the first data segment in the loop shall appear once and only once in each occurrence. The beginning segment of a loop shall not appear elsewhere in the loop. Loops themselves are optional or mandatory. The requirement designator of the beginning segment of a loop indicates whether at least one occurrence of the loop is required. Each appearance of the beginning segment defines an occurrence of the loop.


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Submission 1/1/1998
Status Date 1/1/1998
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 3070