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Dianne Hagen


How would the 835 look in the following Work Comp split line scenario:
Claim with two services totaling $6,000.00
Service 1 is for $3,800.00 with 1 UOS
Benefit payment is $2,500.00
Work Comp CAS reduction is $1,000.00
Provider liability is $300.00
Service 2 is for $2,200.00 with 1 UOS
Benefit payment is $2,000.00
Provider liability is $200.00
Total Commercial benefit payment is $4,500.00
Provider write-off is $500.00
Work Comp payment is $1,000.00 (PR19)

What should be the charge amount in CLP03 for Service 1 and the split line for Service 3? If you only have one unit of service and you split the line how do you reflect the UOS?

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Split Line for Partial Payment 835


The scenario of secondary health payer to workers’ comp payment on a given service is not representative of real world claim processing. There is no Coordination of benefits (COB) on a single service line between workers’ comp and a health plan.
The question regarding the SVC3 amount does not apply since this is not a valid reason for splitting a service line and the question about the units also does not apply since the line is not to be split. See Section - Service Line Splitting, for additional information.
If there is a specific question related to Property and Casualty and COB, please submit a new RFI.
Submission 11/8/2012
Status Date 2/5/2013
Status F - Final
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Document 005010X221