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Julia Dunicheva


In case of full file replacement, i.e. when BGN09 is 'RX', is it compliant with the TR3 to have INS03 value other than '030'? or '030' value is the only allowed value in such case?

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INS03 value, BGN09


When using BGN08 = 'RX', yes the other code values for INS03 are compliant. As indicated in Section 1.4.5, when sending the BGN08 = RX with full file replacement, the INS03 value will indicate what type of changes will be made.

The workgroup will look at changing the code note for clarification in a future version.
Submission 11/29/2012
Status Date 2/14/2013
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X220
Set ID834
Segment IDINS
Element Position03
Industry NameMaintenance Type Code