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Diane Dalton


Clarification regarding the order in which instances of the HL segment must occur. Is there a restriction in which the HL segments must occur, required to come in sequential order? HL segments are they allowed to be sent in any order - HL20, HL22, HL 21 as long as the numbering scheme meets.
In previous RFI 25 statement - Within a set of peer HL segments, the referenced standards do not impose a sequencing requirement.
Does this statement apply across all transactions, HL segments the standards do not require sequencing as long as they are all represented in the transaction correctly.

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HL sequence order


The X12 standard does not impose a requirement about the physical order of HL loops as long as the hierarchical levels identified in HL03 are consistent with BHT01, when the BHT segment is present in the TR3, and relationships are properly stated in HL02 and HL04. The statement applies across all transactions.

RFI 25 includes the statement that "Please note that an Implementation Guide may impose further constraints upon the ordering of segments within a transaction set, consistent with constraints imposed by the X12 Standards." For example, section 1.4.3 of X222 Health Care Claim: Professional, X223 Health Care Claim: Institutional, and X224 Health Care Claim: Dental impose further constraints regarding the order of HL loops within a transaction set. For other implementation guides, consult the particular guide as appropriate.
Submission 12/17/2012
Status Date 8/5/2013
Status F - Final
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Document 005010X222
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