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Joyce Petrucci


There are seven NM1 segments in the 2100 Loop of the 835 that are all positionly listed at 0300. Can these NM1 segments come in any order as long as they remain positionally correct. Example: can the Insured Name come before the Patient name?
Section 2.1 This implementation guide uses a format that depicts both the generalized standard and the insurance industry-specific implementation. In this implementation guide, IMPLEMENTATION specifies the requirements for this implementation. X12 STANDARD is included as a reference only.

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Multiple NM1 2100 Loop


For both the Patient Name and Insured Name NM1 segments, page 65 of guide 005010X221 identifies the NM1 segment position as 0300. Therefore, the seven business uses for this NM1 segment are at the same logical location within the transaction set and the relative order of their occurance within a specific 835 transaction does not matter.
Submission 12/20/2012
Status Date 2/14/2013
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X221
Set ID835