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Julia Dunicheva


Segments REF for Coverage specific IDs (Coverage specific exchange assigned QHP ID, Coverage specific issuer assigned QHP ID, etc) are to be sent when one OR MORE specific coverages belong to a different QHP; and REF03 is a reference to coverage counter (HD06).
If this ID refers to a single coverage, REF03 value is clear.
If this ID refers to multiple coverages which have their own HD06 counters, how should REF03 be computed?

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Coverage specific IDs


The current technical report type 3 accommodates identifying only one coverage in the REF03 from those sent in Loop 2300. This inconsistency will be corrected in a future TR3.
Submission 1/3/2013
Status Date 4/5/2013
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X307
Set ID834
Segment IDREF
Element Position3
Industry NameCoverage Specific Exchange Assigned QHP