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Dora Lambert


For transportation health care service requests, AZ Medicaid has a need to collect specific location categories to ensure our members are being transported to and from the nearest appropriate facility/place. We obtain the location from the 2010EB N3 and N4 segments; however, we are unable to find an available data element to collect a location category. For example, if a member is being transported from home to a vision center. Where can this category be reported in the transaction?

We did check the Standard and find that 2010EB NM111 lists nearly all the categories we need; however, it is a 'Not Used' data element.

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Transportation Location Categories


We do not have a way to support this in the current technical report. Upon submission of a change request, it will be considered for inclusion in a future version.
Submission 1/7/2013
Status Date 2/15/2013
Status F - Final
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Document 005010X217
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