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Nancy Reed


We have a descrepancy regarding the N4 zip code element between two validation tools.

One of the validation tools rejects Canadian zip codes that are formatted according to Canadian zip code format requirements (i.e. with a space in the forth position) the other validation tool does not recognize this as an error.

Example: XXX XXX

Our understanding is that the space should not be acceptable based on X12 syntactics - similar to the "dash" in the US postal zip + 4. Please provide direction on the validity of the CA format within an X12 837 claim transaction.

Submitter Assigned Keywords

N4, Foreign zip codes, 837 claim address fields, zip code format


Data element 116 as used in N403 is an ID datatype.

X12.6 section defines the data element type of ID as:

<id> ::= <letter_or_digit> {<letter_or_digit>} {<space>}

In your example:
K1A 0B1 is not compliant
K1A0B1 is compliant
Submission 1/7/2013
Status Date 6/11/2014
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X222
Segment IDN4
Element Position03
Industry NamePostal Code