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Jeanne Kirkpatrick


The 5010 835 TR3 mentions for Loop 2100 SVC, that it is 'Required for all service lines in a professional, dental or outpatient claim priced at the service line level or whenever payment for any service line of the claim is different than the original submitted charges due to service line specific adjustments (excluding cases where the only service specific adjustment is for room per diem). And in the Notes it states: 'The exception to the situational rule occurs with institutional claims when the room per diem is the only service line adjustment. In this instance, a claim level CAS adjustment to the per diem is appropriate (i.e., CAS*CO*78*25~).'

So my question is, for institutional claims, can the exception to the rule also apply to DRG claims, to allow for a claim level adjustment and not return each service line?

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835 DRG adjustments


RFI 1608 indicates that "if there are no service specific adjustments on an institutional inpatient claim, excluding room per diem, and the claim is not paid in full, then sending the 2110 loop is inconsistent with the implementation guide." RFI 1230 indicates, "The DRG would be reported at the claim level (when applicable)." Therefore, it is valid to adjust the DRG at the claim level. See section of the guide for additional information.
Submission 2/27/2013
Status Date 4/25/2013
Status F - Final
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Document 005010X221
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Document 005010X221