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Judith Pasick


Is there a crosswalk available that outlines the changes made between the previous code list and the recent 03/01/2013 CARC code list?


ASC X12 provides a Technical Report Type 2 titled "Code Value Usage in Health Care Claim Payments and Subsequent Claims" which is available from the store at http://store.x12.org. That document is updated approximately four months after each revision to the code CARC and RARC code lists, and incremental changes are provided as the related code lists change. While that document contains updated information, there is no correlation between that document and HIPAA related CORE Operating Rules.

The publisher does provide services that supply a change log for each code list as changes are made by the owning committees.

Manual identification of changes is possible based upon the varous dates related to the codes as well (Start, Last Modified, Stop).

No other crosswalks are regularly available to our knowledge
Submission 3/14/2013
Status Date 4/9/2013
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X221