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Ann Walton


Primary uses S codes. Secondary uses E,K, A codes.
Supplier unbundles billed charges for S codes to
billed charges for E + K + A codes.

Must S code and primary's payment for it be reported on the 837 to the secondary payer?

Or, can primary's payments for E + K + A codes be summed to
on claim to secondary payer?

Submitter Assigned Keywords

Unbundle S codes to E + K + A codes


The guide addresses the coordination of benefits bundling and unbundling in section of the front matter of the 837 professional guide. All codes must be provided to the secondary payer. In the example provided, the S code value would be placed in the SV1 segment and separate 2430 loop SVD segments would contain each of the E, K and A code values on the secondary claim.
Submission 5/9/2013
Status Date 7/12/2013
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X222
Set ID837P