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Tucker David


Please clarify the X12N requirement for the PER04 on 27x transactions: (270/271), (276/277) and (278) The PER04 element is ALPHA/NUMERIC. We currently have a Trading Partner who is rejecting our 271 because we are sending the PER04 phone number in the following format 888240HELP.Our Trading Partner states that the PER04 segment, when it is a telephone must be a numeric number and contain NO alpha characters. The trading partner is referencing the TR3 Note. Our interpretation of the TR3 note is that the intention is to provide guidance on the format of a telephone number (showing that we cannot put a 1 in front of the number or include hyphens, spaces or other formatting beyond the communication number) . We do not believe that the intention it to reject telephone numbers where an alpha is being used as a replacement for a number. If the intention is to reject data containing alpha characters in PER04 which of the PER05 require numeric number.

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PER04 Phone Numer Format Question


This issue is specifically addressed in the 005010X212 (276/277), 005010X217 (278) and 005010x279A1 (270/271) TR3s. All three guides have a PER Segment TR3 Note that states: ‘When the communication number represents a telephone number in the United States and other countries using the North American Dialing Plan (for voice, data, fax, etc.), the communication number should always include the area code and phone number using the format AAABBBCCCC. Where AAA is the area code, BBB is the telephone number prefix, and CCCC is the telephone number (e.g. (534)224-2525 would be represented as 5342242525). The extension, when applicable, should be included in the communication number immediately after the telephone number.”

The North American Numbering Plan (NANP) Administration defines the NANP telephone numbering scheme used in the United States as ‘ten-digit numbers consisting of a three-digit Numbering Plan Area (NPA) code, commonly called an area code, followed by a seven-digit local number.’ Since the TR3 Note explicitly states that the North American Dialing (Number) Plan is to be followed when the Communication Number (PER04) is a US telephone number, the specified format is 10 digits without any embedded spaces, punctuation or alpha characters.

PER03 qualifies the content of PER04. When PER03 contains a code value equating to a telephone number (i.e. TE, FX, WP,) PER04 must be numeric. When PER03 contains a code value equating to a communication number other than a telephone number (i.e. ED, EM, UR) PER04 may contain alphabetic characters.

While it is the intent of the implementation guide that telephone numbers as well as extension numbers reported in a PER segment be a valid number, the question of rejection is not addressed directly in the guide.See RFI 1512 for guidance on acceptance versus rejection of transactions.
Submission 7/22/2013
Status Date 9/4/2013
Status F - Final
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Document 005010X279A1