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Alicia Bell


The DTP*096 is described as a 1-35 character alpha numeric element. The TM qualifier specifies the time to be expressed in HHMM format. Does this mean that the time 'MUST' be in HHMM format so a 9am discharge expressed as 900 would be invalid where 0900 would be valid?

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discharge DTP 096


This RFI specifically references TR3 005010X223A2 and the usages of the discharge DTP segment (qualifier '096'). In accordance with the instructions of the TR3 the qualifier TM requires the format HHMM, thus it would be invalid to send 900. The valid data required would be 0900.
Submission 7/31/2013
Status Date 10/25/2013
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X223A2
Segment IDDTP
Element Position03
Industry NameDischarge Hour
Code ValueHHMM