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Barber Meg


The ST02 attributes state AN (apha numeric) the usage notes clearly only state number and also mention that the number should increment. The notes vs the attributes are conflicting. Please advise if the ST02 can contain alpha's and if so does it need to contrain numeric. Also advise if the ST02 needs to increment. Please advise if this is compliant "ST*835*L25B9JXH!~" as we received this and rejected it. We only accept numeric.
While this was a specific inquiry for 835. The same question would apply to any Transaction.

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ST02 Alpha numeric or numeric only


The ST02 element is defined as alpha numeric.

The 835 TR3 ST02 element name is Transaction Set Control Number, and the
element note states:

The Transaction Set Control Numbers in ST02 and SE02 must be identical. This
unique number also aids in error resolution research. Start with a number, for
example 0001, and increment from there. This number must be unique within a
specific group and interchange, but it can be repeated in other groups and

The 5010 835 TR3 has established the element rule to only allow a numeric value
that must be unique and increment within the group and interchange.

The example provided in the question is incorrect for the ST segment in an 835
transaction as the value included in the ST02 is not numeric.

Each transaction's TR3 establishes the rule for the element contents in respect
to the attributes. These can be more restrictive than what is defined in the
standard, but not less.
Submission 10/11/2013
Status Date 3/12/2014
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010x221a1
Set ID835
Segment Position1003
Segment ID329
Element Positionst
Component Position02
Industry Nametransaction set Control Number