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Donald Graves


We are a health plan. We populate TRN02 of our 835's with a unique check number obtained from our check register for both paper checks and EFT's. Our adjudication system vendor says that we should not be using check numbers for EFT's. We should be using a different field called Trace Number from their database instead. All accounting keys off of the check number, so it makes sense to us to use the check number even for EFT's. The vendor states that the check number is proprietary and is not what the CORE 370 operating rules mandate. We believe that the EFT reference number can be anything we say it is as long as it complies with and performs the function stipulated in the 835 TR3. Can you please tell us if it's ok for us to continue using the check number for EFT's, or must we use a different control/trace number to identify EFT's apart from paper checks?

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Check Trace Number TRN02


Guide 005010X221 section states "Trace Number, TRN02, which is used to reassociate payments and remittances sent separately, must be a unique number for this business purpose between the payer and the payee." and "For EFT payments, TRN02 is the unique number assigned by the payer to identify this EFT."

Section states "The trace number in conjunction with the company ID number provides a unique number that identifies the transaction." and "When sending a separate ACH payment, the CCD+ ACH format is used. Using this method, the Re-association Key Segment in its entirety is contained in the ACH Addenda Record."

The TRN02 note states "The number is assigned by the sender." and "If the payment is by EFT, this must be the EFT reference number."

When payment is made by EFT (CCD+) and the remittance is sent separate from the payment, the TRN segment is the reassociation key to connect the payment to the remittance information. It must be sent in both the 835 and the ACH Addenda record. It is established by the payer as identification of the EFT, and must be unique between the payer and the payee. The guide doesn't specify how to assign that number. A payer's choice to use a check number as the trace number in TRN02 is a business decision that is not inconsistent with the guide instructions, as long as the related check number is not used on an actual check.

Another related section is ASC X12 can't comment on the CORE 370 operating rule.
Submission 10/21/2013
Status Date 11/21/2013
Status F - Final
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Document 005010X221A1
Set ID835
Segment Position0400
Segment IDTRN
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