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tina greene


Multiple states (FL and soon WI & PA with others anticipated)(Florida’s statute reference is 440.13(12)(c)) are requiring that physicians report the repackaged drug NDC as well as the original package NDC when a physician repackages a drug for in office dispensing. These regulations are specific to Workers Compensation bills/claims. While the 837P supports reporting the repackaged (actually dispensed) DRG in the 2410 loop LIN segment, we are unable to also report the original package DRG. Per the 2400 loop K3 segment notes, we are requesting permission and technical guidance for use of the K3 segment to carry the original NDC number.


X12 has approved this use of the K3 segment in the 5010 Professional TR3 in the following format:

Submission 12/11/2013
Status Date 2/28/2014
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X222A1