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Bob Resh


Some are interpreting BPR04 code value "BOP" to be identifying that the payment is by financial institution option, which could include payment by credit/debit/virtual/other card (card). Since some are currently paying by card, can this code be used in version 005010 as a way for this version to support payment by card? Is it also appropriate to populate BPR16 with the card effective date, and TRN02 with the card number? If this isn't appropriate, how can card payments be represented in the current 835?

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The ASC X12 835 Health Care Claim Payment Advice 0050X221A1 (835) does not support credit card payments. While the payer establishes the TRN02 value and could use a credit card number for the trace number, and the payment amount is appropriate in BPR02, the other necessary information is not supported. BPR16 is the Check Issue or EFT Effective date, and usage for an expiration date is a redefinition of the guide content and is prohibited by the second sentence of guide section 1.8, "A trading partner agreement must not override the specifications in this implementation guide if a transmission is reported in GS08 to be a product of this implementation guide.". There is also no location for carrying a security code value.

There is no BPR04 value that can be used for credit card types of payments. Note that while code "BOP" indicates "Financial Institution Option", that value is sent from the payer to their financial institution, after which the financial institution changes that code to reflect the actual payment method chosen. Code "BOP" is not a wild card for any payment method.

Therefore, guide 005010X221 does not support any form of credit card payment. There is a change request under consideration for inclusion of credit card payments in a future guide for the 835.
Submission 12/12/2013
Status Date 1/31/2014
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X221
Set ID835
Segment Position0200
Segment IDBPR
Element Position04
Industry NamePayment Method Code
Code ValueBOP