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Jerri Bollinger


In Reference to RFI 1426- There is growing need to report the Provider Contract Plan ID in the 837 somewher...to insure that the provider/payer contract obligations/adjustments are being linked appropriatly. If the 837 is to be used as a standard for payer claim adjudication, are there any plans to designate a place for such information to exist in the 5010X222/ X223 837?

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Provider Contract Plan ID Reporting


There is no current change request for adding a Provider Contract Plan ID to the 837 Implementation Guides, and no one has presented a business need, so the answer would be no, there is no current plan. This capability was removed from the version 005010 837I/P guides as a result of National Provider identifier (NPI) requirements.
Submission 1/8/2014
Status Date 3/28/2014
Status F - Final
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Document 005010X223
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