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Megan Soccorso


CIGNA is in the process of implementing the use of the NPI in receiving and sending it in its transactions. We will be able to receive the NPI and send it back out if it was submitted prior to the NPI mandate date. We have one stipulation though; in the interim CIGNA will continue to need/require a secondary identifier. What we are proposing to do, is use a second iteration of the 2100B loop with the secondary identifier.

It would look like this:

Loop 2100B, first occurrence:
NM108 (qualifier) = "XX"
NM109 = NPI

Loop 2100B, second occurrence:
NM108 (qualifier) = FI
NM109 = CIGNA-specific id

I’m looking to you to let me know if you see any problems with this thinking. Since the 276 does not have a REF for a secondary id.


The ASC X12N 276/277 Health Care Claim Status Request and Response (004010X093A1) 2100B Loop has a repeat of >1 within the 2000B HL. Based on current guide structure and usage notes, reporting multiple 2100B Loops within the 2000B HL would not be precluded during the interim NPI implementation. However, the ‘FI’ qualifier is used to specify Federal Taxpayer’s ID, while the ‘46’ qualifier – Electronic Transmitter Identification Number’ would be used to provide the Information Receiver’s payer specific Trading Partner Number.
Submission 2/3/2005
Status Date 3/16/2005
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 004010X093
SectionTable 2
Segment PositionHL/NM
Industry NameTable 2 - Detail, Service Provider Level