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Todd Cochrane


Request interpretation regarding the proper use of the GS segment and the data element 479 for purposes of grouping transaction sets (TS) within an interchange.


A functional group should be used to bundle and convey a number of related TSs within a single GS/GE occurrence. In other words, any given functional group occurrence would consist of a collection of similar transaction sets enclosed by a functional group header and a functional group trailer. Related or Similar is essentially defined by the content of GS01 (data element 479). Specifically, unless somehow otherwise specified, the content of GS01 identifies the functional group code for those TSs which could appear in a given GS/GE occurrence. Since data Element 479 is a fixed two positions in length, and there is only one occurrence of data element 479 within the GS segment, this would men that only TSs containing the same Functional Group Code could appear within a single functional group occurrence.


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Submission 1/1/1999
Status Date 1/1/1999
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 4020