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Albetski Allan


the Name/Date of Birth Search Option as outlined in section of the 005010X279A1 guide states:

"the developers of this Implementation Guide have defined a Name/Date of Birth Search Option that an Information Source may, at their discretion but are not required to, support in addition to the Primary Search Option and Required Alternate Search Options."

My question is, if the Information source, at their discretion, choose NOT to support this search option, what kind of response must they return. A TA1? a 999?

There seems to be no clear indication as to what they must do if they elect not to support this option.

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Name/Date of Birth Search Option


The 005010X279A1 Technical Report Type 3 (TR3) addresses this issue. If the information source does not support a search option defined in sections –, but the information receiver provides only that information, it means that insufficient identifying elements have been provided and the information source should follow the instructions in (Insufficient Identifying Elements). That is, the information source should return a 271 AAA segment identifying the missing data elements.
Submission 3/11/2014
Status Date 4/4/2014
Status F - Final
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Document 005010X279A1