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Elitsa Evans


What is the format of the value populated in the CTP04 National Drug Unit Count? Would the same restriction apply to CTP04 as the one for SV205 Service Unit Count (8 digits limit, three digits to the right of the decimals)?


The CTP04 is defined with a data type of R (Decimal Number) minimum length 1 maximum length 15. The format for the CTP04 has not been restricted by the situational rule which was applied to the SV205. The formatting requirements for data elements can be found in the Application Control Document (X12.6) section 3.5.1 Data Elements Types. The entry for Decimal Number is below

A decimal data element contains an explicit decimal point and is used for numeric values that have a varying number of decimal positions. The representation for this data element type is R. The decimal point always appears in the character stream if the decimal point is at any place other than the right end. If the value is an integer (decimal point at the right end) the decimal point should be omitted. For negative values, the leading minus sign (-) is used. Absence of a sign indicates a positive value. The plus sign (+) shall not be transmitted. Leading zeros should be suppressed unless necessary to satisfy a minimum length requirement. Trailing zeros following the decimal point should be suppressed unless necessary to indicate precision. A base 10 exponential may be appended to the end of a decimal number. The absolute value of a decimal number with a base 10 exponential is equal to the value of the multiplied by 10 raised to the power of . The use of triad separators (for example, the commas in "1,000,000") is expressly prohibited. The length of a decimal type data element does not include the optional minus signs, decimal point, or trailing exponent indicator

Submission 4/15/2014
Status Date 6/20/2014
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X223A2
Segment IDCTP
Element Position04
Industry NameNational Drug Unit Count