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Julia Dunicheva


Is it compliant with TR3 to use NM105 (middle name) for non-person entity in NM1 segment of loop 2120C (SUBSCRIBER BENEFIT RELATED ENTITY NAME), i.e. when NM102 = 2?


The Situational Rules for the elements within the 2120C NM1 segment prohibit the use of NM104 (Name First) along with NM102 = ‘2’ (Non-Person Entity) but do not prohibit the use of NM105 (Name Middle) or NM107 (Name Suffix) in conjunction with NM102 = ‘2’.

There are element notes included with 2100B NM105 and NM107 in the 5010X279A1 version of the 271 that state “Use this name only if NM102 is ‘1’.” and “Use name suffix only if NM102 is ‘1’; e.g., Sr., Jr., or III.” respectively. This note will be carried forward to the other instances of the NM1 segment within the 271 transaction in a future version of the 270/271 TR3.


Being that these are Name elements that would only be applicable when used to identify a person, while technically compliant, it would be inappropriate to include these on a 271 response that contains NM102 = ‘2’.
Submission 7/23/2014
Status Date 11/7/2014
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X279
Set ID271
Segment IDNM1
Element Position5
Industry NameBenefit Related Entity Middle Name