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If all the data from the mandated search option identified in section 1.3.8 is sent on the 270, can you send the INS segment for the dependent? More specifically, is the INS segment allowed in loop 2100D when the patient is a dependent and Subscriber’s Member ID is present in loop 2100C and Patient’s First Name, Last Name and Date of Birth are all present in loop 2100D? If so, under what conditions? There is confusion regarding notes on page 126 which seems to limit the use of the INS segment and section 1.3.8 which specifies flexibility to allow a user to enter whether patient information they have on hand. There appears to be no other place in the transaction to include the birth sequence for multiple births or relationship to the subscriber. Would the INS segment be allowed if there needs to be a birth order specified or if dependent relationship to the subscriber needs to be specified even if all the data for the mandated search option is sent?

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The INS segment must not be sent if all of the information is present from the mandated search identified in section 1.3.8 (Subscriber’s Member ID, Patient’s First Name, Patient’s Last Name and Patient’s Date of Birth). The rationale behind this is that those four pieces of information are unique enough to find a match in the Information Source’s system and there is no reason to collect or use any additional information. In the event of multiple births (twins, triplets, etc.), the first names would be unique.

If any one or more pieces of information from the mandated search identified in section 1.3.8 are not present, the use of the INS segment to indicate the birth order in a multiple birth situation may be sent. For example, in the even of twins and the newborns have not been named yet, there would be no first name present to differentiate between the two and the birth order identified in the INS segment would be needed to identify the actual patient.
Submission 2/4/2005
Status Date 3/24/2005
Status F - Final
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Document 004010X092
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