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Sal Zarate


We are in the process of mapping the 834 for inbound enrollments and are requesting more detailed descriptions for the following qualfiers at 2300.REF01 (Health Coverage Policy Number):

17 Client Reporting Category
1L Group or Policy Number
9V Payment Category
CE Class of Contract Code
E8 Service Contract (Coverage) Number
M7 Medical Assistance Category
PID Program Identification Number
RB Rate code number
X9 Internal Control Number
XM Issuer Number
XX1 Special Program Code
XX2 Service Area Code
ZX County Code
ZZ Mutually Defined


The qualifiers for which an extended definition is available in the standard are as follows:

17 Client Reporting Category - Code assigned by the client to categorize participants for reporting requirements
E8 Service Contract (Coverage) Number - Number or code identifying length and terms of the coverage
X9 Internal Control Number - Number assigned by the managing office to provide internal processing information

Qualifiers 1L and ZZ have code definitions within the TR3 that further define their use.

The absence of specific definitions for qualifiers in the TR3 allows business partners to define their meaning within the context of their business
Submission 9/15/2014
Status Date 11/7/2014
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X220A1
Set ID834
Segment Position2900
Segment IDREF
Element Position01