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Valerie Potter


There are discrepancies in the PACDR 837 Implementation Guides on how to connect the claim and line level Other Payer loops. We found two ways to interpret this:
1. 2320 SBR01 = 2430 SVD01
2. 2330B NM109 = 2430 SVD01 (2430 SVD01 = 2320 SBR01 + space)

What is expected in the SVD01 Other Payer Primary Identifier element?

Submitter Assigned Keywords

Other Payer 2320 SBR01 2430 SVD01 2330B NM109


An ASC X12 Standard syntax note takes precedence over a TR3 data element note. Therefore, in version 005010, Loop 2430 SVD01 must match Loop 2330B NM109 (data element 67).

Future versions of the PACDR Technical Reports will correct the conflict.
Submission 10/10/2014
Status Date 2/19/2015
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X298
Set ID837
Segment Position5400
Segment IDSVD
Element Position01
Industry NameOther Payer Primary Identifier