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Julia Dunicheva


6020 version of 999 TR3 lists CTX05 in loop IK4 as Required.
There are cases when element-level error reported in IK4 segment has a segment as situation trigger.
For example, CLM11 in 837 Professional is required when segment DTP 'Accident Date' is used.
How such situations should be coded in CTX segment when there is no element position to provide?


For the example provided, the 999 transaction set is not the appropriate acknowledgement. The appropriate transaction set for the example provided is the 277 Claims Acknowledgment. For additional guidance, please consult the ASC X12 Acknowledgement Reference Model.
Submission 1/9/2015
Status Date 6/9/2015
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 006020X290
Set ID999
Segment IDCTX
Element Position05
Industry NameElement Context: Position in Segment