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LaMont George


Would you be able to explain how the confidentiality code on 2000/INS13 should be used?


The Loop 2000 INS - Member Level Detail element INS13 situational usage rule reads “Required when the member has specified the access to their information. If not required by this implementation guide, do not send.”

A member, either a subscriber or a dependent has an option of specifying to the organization sending the 834 transaction whether or not he/she wishes to control access to his/her information. If such a member specification has not been made, then the data element INS13 in Loop-ID 2000 is not used in the transaction. If such a member specification has been made, then data element INS13 in Loop-ID 2000 is required to convey whether the member's specification is for Unrestricted Access (U), or for Restricted (R) based on some set of conditions that the receiver of the 834 transaction will need to ascertain.
Submission 1/20/2015
Status Date 2/19/2015
Status F - Final
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