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Ryan White


I was just pointed to a nice clarification document published by the X12 that cleared up the recommended technique for simultaneously submitting claims for a subscriber and dependents of that subscriber.

Why can't I find a link to that document in this forum?

The document is located here:

It was provided to me via a Claredi customer support representative today, but I was hoping to find a list of other documents like that easily available via this forum.

How can I find them?


BTW - This is related to HIR 144.

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The X12 HIPAA Interpretations Portal is not used to store work group documents. It is used to respond to requests from the industry for interpretations on what an Implementation Guide intended or meant, or to ask for specific clarification on a specific part of a specific guide. Although the document you reference does provide clarification of intent, it was not developed by the WG in response to an HIR. Further, the HIR portal at this time is not capable of storing such attachments.
On the other hand, if someone asked for further clarification on HIR 144 and the WG felt this document would be helpful, they could reference the document with a link to it as was provided to you.


To find other such documents, please go to the X12 website at: http://www.x12.org/x12org: from here you can select the Insurance subcommittee from the subcommittee pull down list at the top.
Then from the left margin select "Task Groups"
Then from the task groups page from the left margin select Work Groups.
Then from the list provided select the work group you're interested searching.
Then from the left margin of the work group webpage, select "Info Center" this will show a list of work group directories that might include similar types of documents.
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