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Christopher Gracon


Is there a discrepancy or typo in the 005010X220A1 guide for Loop 2300 AMT between the Repeat count on the Implementation page of 9 and the Standard page of 3. It would seem that the Implementation Repeat could only be up to 3 if the Standard only allows 3.Or is the Repeat on the Standard page incorrect and it is actually 9 or larger so that the Implementation Repeat of 9 is valid?

The same questions for the Loop 2300 REF which has a Repeat count on the Implementation page of 15 (14 + 1) and on the Standard page of 5.

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834 AMT REF Repeat


You are correct. The implementation guide is in error for the implementation repeats on the Loop 2300 AMT and REF segments. The standard always takes precedence over the implementation if there is a discrepancy. The 2300 loop AMT segment may only repeat for a total of 3 occurrences per loop iteration. The 2300 loop REF segment may only repeat for a total of 5 occurrences per loop iteration. Note, for the REF segment that includes the Health Coverage Policy Number and Prior Coverage Months usages combined.

This issue has been addressed for future guides. The standard repeat for both segments in the 2300 loop has been changed to >1 as of version 007010.
Submission 4/17/2015
Status Date 8/27/2015
Status F - Final
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Document 005010X220A1