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Jackie Roberts


Is a negative amount allowed in Loop 2400 SV203.

In the TR3 section B. the data element type is "R". In the TR3 there is a sentence (For negative values the leading minus sign (-) is used. We are being asked by one of our Trading Partner that this 2400 SV203 can be submitted with a negative amount. Is a negative amount allowed in the 2400 SV203?


Yes, negative values are allowed for decimal elements, however, 2400 SV203 is defined as the total charge for this service line inclusive of the provider’s base charge and any applicable tax amounts. A negative value in this field would indicate that the provider paid the patient for the service the provider rendered. It is assumed that the provider will always be charging, not paying for services rendered, so this value should always be positive.

Submitters should not submit negative charges and units as adjustments. To correct a claim the submitter should instead void and replace the previous submission.
Submission 4/22/2015
Status Date 6/23/2015
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X223
Segment Position3750
Segment IDSV2
Element Position03