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Stephanie Fetzer


Page 72 of V4010X098 (not changed w/addenda) PER02 element is marked REQUIRED (both in figure and in the body of the text)...but there is a note on the element that 'appears' to indicate that the element should be situational:

In the 4050 draft of the 837P (V4010X143 page 70): The PER02 element is SITUATIONAL and the note has been changed to:
<"Required when the name is different than the name in the Submitter Name (1000A - NM1) and it is the first iteration of the PER. Not Used
in the second iteration of the PER.">

Althought the 4050 is not law it is referenced here because it does not have the contradiction.

Submitter Assigned Keywords

PER02 837P


The element PER02 (Submitter Contact Name) in the 004010X098A1 is required. The element note does not override the element usage.
Submission 2/11/2005
Status Date 3/24/2005
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 004010X098
Set ID837P
Segment IDPER
Element Position02