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Cathy Brock


What is the format of the value populated in the FRM05 field in the 2440 loop of the 837P 5010X222?
All the TR3 states is that it is a percent/decimal format with a min/max length of 1/6.
Also - is the decimal submitted suppose to be counted as one of the bytes in the length?
Can a claim submitter send in a value of 6 bytes after the decimal or because this is a percentage field and the example in the TR3 shows only one byte after the decimal is only one byte after decimal allowed?
Other fields in the 837, such as the SV104 is also a decimal field and it states 'The maximum length for this field is 8 digits excluding the decimal. When a decimal is used, the maximum number of digits allowed tothe right of the decimal is three.'
RFI #1924 answers the same type of question for the 2410/CTP04 field saying that field is not restricted to where the decimal can be placed - is the same true for the FRM05 field?

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The 2440 FRM05 FRM is data type R (Decimal). In addition there is a note that states “Percent given in decimal format (eg 0.0 through 100.0 represents 0% through 100%)”

The format for decimal data types can be found in section B. of the guide. Per this section the decimal is not counted towards the maximum length of the field. The guide does not explicitly restrict the number of bytes after the decimal so the user could submit .000001. Please note that for the FRM05 .000001 would represent .000001% not .0001%.

Please see section B. Data Element for more information on format of data elements.
Submission 7/9/2015
Status Date 8/17/2015
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X222
Set ID837P
Segment IDFRM
Element Position05
Industry NamePercent, Decimal Format