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Betty Westbrook


Clarification is needed for Loop 2430, segment SVD05 (Quantity - Paid Service Unit Count). The 837P says "This is the number of paid units from the remittance advice. When paid units are not present on the remittance advice, use the original billed units. Per the Payer, in Loop 2430, segment SVD05 they do not accept the "0" as a units value. Is the payer being compliant?

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Zero is a valid value for the 2430 SVD05 paid service unit count.

The SVD05 element is required for the SVD segment and must match the information supplied by the payer referenced in the SVD01 If the payer reported that zero units were paid, then it is necessary to report a zero in SVD05.

The phrase “paid units are not present” speaks to if the payer did not report a paid unit quantity and therefore the value is unknown to downstream systems. In this circumstance, the submitter reports the original billed unit value in the SVD05

A change to the 2430 SVD05 is under consideration for a future version of the guide under Change Request 1092.
Submission 11/24/2015
Status Date 2/11/2016
Status F - Final
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